Barbie Good or Bad - JOCURI BARBIE

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Descriere: Barbie is such a style shifter! As a true fashionista, she likes to change her style according to her mood. Some days Barbie feels like being a good girl and chooses romantic, cute and super girly outfits. White lace, pearls, lots of pink and silver, flower prints and long wavy hair – that’s what a ‘good girl’ look mainly consists of. But there are days when Barbie wants to make a completely different impression. Pretending to be a bad girl, Barbie enriches her style with punk, grunge and goth elements. Ripped jeans, black fishnet tights, ombre hair, leather and studs – that’s what bad girls seem to wear. MyCuteGames offers you a selection of fashion items in both styles. Should Barbie look nice or naughty on her tonight’s date?
Cum se joaca: Use mouse to play.
Developer: MyCuteGames
Adaugat: 25.02.2016
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