Barbie Tanning Accident - JOCURI BARBIE

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Descriere: Barbie loves to look tanned and gorgeous during the summer season. She loves glowy skin, especially when she wears cute bathing suits or glam dresses. She enjoys spending time at the tanning salon to get her amazing brown and glowy skin. Oh no! Poor Barbie fell asleep at the tanning salon and now her skin is red and ugly. Can you help her look amazing again and cure her red skin? In the fabulous game called Barbie Tanning Accident, you will need to start the great treatment by giving her an injection to prevent pain. Using sterile tweezers to remove the layer of burnt skin from the face and then apply a calming solution all over the skin to reduce redness and speed up the healing so she can regain her beautiful complexion. In Barbie Tanning Accident you can create a regenerating lotion with organic ingredients such as oil, sage, mint and a special cream. Mix all of the ingredients and create a cream, which you can apply on her skin and regenerate her skin and make her skin flawless again. In Barbie Tanning Accident the lips need moisturizing as well, so apply a balm with healing properties. Barbie looks great now and healthy as well, so choose a new outfit for her for the summer time and enjoy the fun game called Barbie Tanning Accident!
Cum se joaca: Use mouse to play.
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